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Director The Environment Works Pty/Ltd, t/as Chain Gang Press

Bruce's background is as a qualified environmental scientist and recreation planner, having studied BSc (Forestry) at the Australian National University, Canberra, and Recreation Planning at Canberra University. He has had over 20 years experience as a freelance environmental and bicycle planning consultant. His professional experience includes cycling consulting for New Caledonia Tourism South; assistance in developing the Austcycle cycling proficiency scheme; development of a Mountain biking strategy for Brisbane City Council. He is a keen cycling advocate, and over a 25 year period has been involved in such issues as helping to gain the reinstatement of cycling on some of the wilderness management roads in Kosciuszko National Park, and the establishment of rail-trails. He has had many years back-country and remote areas cycle touring experience as well as being a regular cycle commuter in Sydney traffic. He has lead many social and touring rides over a 30 year period. He is a published author of a number of cycling guidebooks (refer Book & Maps), and also provides his own cartography and photography for his published work.

Bruce has held exhibitions in Canberra in conjunction with the Cycling Around Canberra publication, including an installation titles A 30,000mm Bicycle Tour, a 30m-long digital print on polyester fabric, supported by framed and limited edition prints. His photos and articles have been used in a number of cycling publications including Australian Cyclist and Ride On magazines. Bruce had had significant cycle touring experience in and photography New Caledonia with over 30 tours in the county over an eleven year period. A summary map of Bruce's major rides can be seen at his New Caledonia Photo Gallery.

Recently Bruce has been the printer for Leila Jeffreys and her Biloela cockatoo series exhibition at the Olsen-Irwin Gallery, and has printed over 200 A0 images from this, and Leila's previous exhibition using an Epson 9900 printer. Bruce also prints for a number of photographer clients where high quality and attention to detail is required.



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