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Digital Photo Printing Service

What we can do
Bike-it! photo printing can print your digital images onto fine art papers.

We print on-site using an Epson 9900 111.8cm (44") wide digital printer, with 10 separate High Dynamic Range colourfast and water-resistant inks. This is one of the worlds best digital printers, and we use the worlds finest inks and art paper.

Prices (inc. GST) for digital images are as follows:

Paper Type Roll Width Print Cost AUD$/per cm of running length
Canson Platine Fibre Rag 310gsm 111.8cm (44") $1.50
  91.4cm (36") $1.40
  61cm (24") $1.20
Canson Photosatin Premium RC, 270gsm 111.8cm (44") $1.30
  91.4cm (36") $1.10
  61cm (24") $1.00
Canson Proofing Paper Semimatte 200gsm 61cm (24") $0.80
Note: Other paper stock can be obtained on request, subject to a minimum order. The above prices are based on using Photo Black inks. A minimum order where Matt Black inks are required is 500cm of printing. Running length rounded up to whole centimetre.

You need to work out the best way of printing with the least amount of paper wasted as you are charged on the running length of roll is used, rather than square paper area.

Example 1 - you have three A4 (21.0cm wide x 29.7cm high) photos to print on Platine Fibre Rag they would best fit landscape-wise across the 91.4cm (36") wide roll. Your cost would be 30cm x $1.40 = $42.00.

Example 2 - you have an A1 sized print (84.1cm x 59.4cm) on Platine Fibre Rag it would best fit (i.e. least paper wastage) in a portrait format on the 61cm (24") wide roll. Your cost would be 85cm x $1.20 = $102.00


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